September 2019

Bankaku Yukari Crackers

Super concentrated crackers. If you are bored of prawn crackers and want to move up to the next level of luxury, what should you eat? Lobster crackers, of course! Which is exactly what I will do. I opened one of the individually wrapped crackers, closed my eyes and took a bite. I was swimming in

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Azinum Kuih Bahulu

Medeleine with a twist. Kuih Bahulu is a popular cake in Southeast Asia. It’s sometimes called the Asian Madeleine. Here we have a box of Azinum Kuih Bahulu (Azinum is the manufacturer) arranged in a very attractive and Instagram-friendly flower pattern. I picked a “petal” of the “flower”, closed my eyes and had a bite.

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Raspberry Fizz

Check out what the Fizz this is all about. The main reason I bought this Rococo Bee Bar White Chocolate was the word “Fizz”. According to the description, it has popping candy. Wow! What is popping candy? I have no idea, but the name sounds cool. Must be something that burst or explodes in the

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