December 2019

Shiny Meadow Milk

Drinking milk in China feels a bit like loading a gun barrel with one bullet and shooting at yourself. The milk safety scandals still has a lasting effect on customer confidence. So readers, please give me as much thank you in the comment for all the sacrifices I’m going through to review this for you! […]

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Russian Beer

What springs to mind when I ask you about Russian beer? I would imagine something strong to warm up during those cold winters. Something dry and lager like. And if I say it’s black beer? Well, that should be even more potent. Stronger, drier and more bitter, like Guinness. It should be almost undrinkable for

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Mlesna Camomile Tea

In my opinion, a good camomile tea is supposed to taste like a farm. Like wheat or grass. Rough. Will this camomile from Mlesna taste rough or pleasant? I brewed a cup and tasted. Yes, it taste a bit like a farm. Grass-y. Rough. The camomile taste is clear. Enjoyable. However, it’s not the best

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Mlesna Peppermint Tea

Tea with a strong fragrance and flavour can either be very nice or go horribly wrong. Even if it’s mild, it is by default wrong because it is meant to be strongly flavoured. So what do I make of this Mlesna Peppermint Tea? I brewed a cup and had a sip. The smell of the

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