July 2020

Kaya Toast Pocky

Porky has been going on a flavour expansion, with flavours such as Whiskey and Cantaloupe in its arsenal. This latest flavour is a Singapore exclusive and celebrates the essence of Singaporean culture, Kaya Toast. It is a joint effort between Pocky and the famous local kopitiam chain, Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Unlike normal kaya which […]

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Bak Kwa Dinosaur

Bak Kwa is a Chinese sweet-salty grilled slices of meat. It is normally eaten by itself and has a nice burnt flavour. However, here in Crazy Food Club, nice is not good enough. It needs to be amazing. We asked ourselves what can further elevate the flavours of bak kwa. One suggestion was honey, but

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OLW Cheez Heartz

These are similar to the more famous Cheezels. Instead of being made into a ring shape, it’s made into a hollow heart shape. The crust is thin, crunchy and light. The hollow center makes the whole heart light and nice. There is a strong taste of cheese. The most noticable difference between this and Cheezels

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