September 2020

Keisuke Yuzu Cola

Do you fancy a Cola with Garlic or Bacon? Unfortunately, they are all fake. But this Cola with Yuzu is real. Before tasting it, I made a guess that the taste of Yuzu will probably be the most prominent. This is because of the fragrant, sharp and acidic taste of Yuzu. But I was quite …

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Top Gourmet Kimchi

Spicy food is normally associated with cultures in warmer climate and nearer the equator. India, Central America, Sichuan in China, South East Asia and Korea. Korea? It’s always been a mystery to me why Koreans love spicy food. There is an explanation on the internet that says that Koreans eat spicy food when they are …

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Bee Bee Fish Crackers

Fish crackers used to taste nice. They used to be made with a lot of fish. Especially using the super-filled-with-bones wolf herring fish / ikan parang / 西刀鱼. I know, wolf herring is used mostly for fish balls, but it’s also nice when used to make fish crackers. These days, it’s a bit no hit …

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