January 2021

At Fresh Soy Milk

This looks like a high-end soy milk. Well, let’s see. I heated up the soy milk slightly as it just came out of the fridge. It had a solid taste of soy and it’s smooth. It’s not overly sweet, just slightly. Yes, it’s a good soy milk. Made in Singapore. Bought from Meidi-Ya, Singapore.

Taniguchi Farm Amazake

Amazake is Japanese fermented rice drink. It’s sweet and mostly low-alcohol or non-alcoholic. I had some amazake a while back. For me, it’s an acquired taste. This one is from Taniguchi Farm. It has bits of fermented rice so you need to shake it well. The taste is rather strong. For me, I’m not really …

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Chateraise Petit Chocolat White Puff Crunch

If Philip Rosenthal from Somebody Feed Phil ate this, I can imagine him jumping and making his “this is nice” smiling face. These white puff crunch packs quite a few flavours in a nice heart-shaped chocolate. This heart-shaped white chocolate from Chateraise is nice and creamy. Then, in between the creamy white chocolate, there are …

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M&S Blackcurrant Sundae

When we talk about blackcurrant, the one thing that comes to mind is Ribena. There’s a little known blackcurrant drink called Vimto, which students from the the University of Manchester would know of. Then there are these occasional blackcurrant products, like this M&S Blackcurrant Sundae. The word “sundae” is really confusing because there is no …

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