April 2021

Whittaker’s Wellington Supreme Roasted Coffee in Dark Chocolate

Robert Whittaker is a MMA (Mixed-Martial Artist from New Zealand. He is a champion of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for his category. So why did a champion fighter decided to manufacture chocolates? The answer is simple. Because he didn’t. Whittaker chocolates was founded by James Whittaker back in 1913, also in New Zealand. Whittaker

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Koita Organic Whole Milk

Another unhealthy obsession with milk. This time, from Italy. Italy is famous for many food, including pasta, pizza, wine, but this is my first time having Italian milk outside of Italy. Saying that, the Italian word for milk (latte) has taken the world by storm. In fact, it’s even replace the French word for milk.

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Dried Yellow Peach

The peach tree is actually native to China. It was brought over to Europe via Persia, or modern day Iran. Interestingly, peach and nectarines are from the same species. And in 2018, China produces 62% of the world total peaches and nectarines. That’s all for your botanical lesson today. Back to the food tasting lesson.

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YBC Butter Cookies

What is the most common objects that you find in butter biscuit tins? Sewing materials, of course! Which is why at YBC, they put it in paper boxes, not cylindrical metal tins to prevent grandmothers from putting in sewing materials and creating that great disappointment when you’re yearning for butter biscuits. Question is whether you

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