Lambrusco Reggiano

Don’t drink and work.

The Tesco finest range landed in Singapore a few years back and I am a fan of their wines. The quality is good and is priced quite reasonably. This time, I went for the lighter and sweeter wines and this is one of it, the Lambrusco Reggiano from Italy.

I poured it into my lost-at-the-back-of-the-cupboard-but-recently-rediscovered Royal Doulton crystal wine glass. I closed my eyes and took a sip.

I was in Pisa, Italy. The year was 1173. I was having a drink with my good friend who works as an engineer. Whenever we go for drinks, we would share a bottle of wine. Now, this sounds weird but I would take one glass and he would finish the rest. It is because my tolerance level is only one glass but his is the whole bottle minus one glass. This would allow us to slip out for a drink during working hours without anyone noticing after.

On this occasion, we ordered a bottle of Lambrusco Reggiano from the Emilia-Romagna region. We shared it like how we always do. I took a sip from my glass.

Oh! The first thing that struck me was this wine has some gas. It’s a sparkling red wine! Unlike sparking white wine, they put in a much smaller amount of gas. I find this very nice, because there’s a slight kick from the gas but it is not too gassy. It’s better for the stomach and makes me fart less. The red wine itself is light and fruity. The quality is good and it is easy to drink. Very nice.

I am almost finishing my glass of wine when I felt a bit dizzy. Hmm… That’s weird. I don’t normally feel this way after one glass. Oh, it’s the gas! That has pushed me over my limit!

I was going to warn my friend but when I looked up, he has already finished the whole bottle.

“This thing has gas. We will go over our limit. I suggest we go home. If we go back to work, we may make mistakes and mess things up.”, I advised him.

“I’m feeling perfectly fine!”, he replied.

“Ok. You know yourself best. By the way, what are you working on these days?”, I continued.

“I am building a new tower in Pisa. Today is the crucial day. We are starting work on the foundation.”, he answered.

Well, I hope the alcohol have not affected this judgement. For me, I am going straight home.

I bought this using my own money from Fairprice, Singapore.

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction.

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