Australia’s Own Organic Rice Milk

In recent years, there has been an explosion of using different plants to make milk. People in Asia has been using soy and coconut milk for many generations, but these days, there are things like rice and pea milk.

Rice milk is normally flavoured with vanilla. And it is surprisingly easy to make at home. For those who are skeptical, think of it this way – at least you don’t need to own a cow!

Well, this Australia’s Own organic rice milk is nice. It looks a bit diluted when compared to cow’s milk, but this is quite normal for most plant milk. A bit like how super low-fat milk looks like. It has slight hint of rice and is slightly sweet. It feels lighter and less creamy than full-cream cow’s milk or even soy milk. Due to that, some people may not like it especially if they start to compare it against cow’s milk.

Product of Australia. Bought from Fairprice, Singapore.

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