Bak Kwa Dinosaur

Bak Kwa is a Chinese sweet-salty grilled slices of meat. It is normally eaten by itself and has a nice burnt flavour.

However, here in Crazy Food Club, nice is not good enough. It needs to be amazing. We asked ourselves what can further elevate the flavours of bak kwa. One suggestion was honey, but bak kwa is already heavily glazed in honey. Besides, it’s too obvious and boring.

The next suggestion was chocolate. Hmm… yes, chocolate goes well with everything. Even bak kwa? We’ll find out.

So we sprinkled some Milo powder (chocolate powder), Milo Dinosaur style. Took a bite and… well… the chocolate Milo taste hits the tastebuds first. Then as I bite into the meaty bak kwa, the meaty and slighty burnt taste comes to the forefront. It taste a bit like burnt and meaty chocolates. Very nice!

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