Bankaku Yukari Crackers

Super concentrated crackers.

If you are bored of prawn crackers and want to move up to the next level of luxury, what should you eat? Lobster crackers, of course!

Which is exactly what I will do.

I opened one of the individually wrapped crackers, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was swimming in the sea on a beautiful vacation island. The water was warm and the sun was shining. This is wonderful.

Ooh… Look at that. A little prawn cracker swimming next to me. I grabbed it and tasted it. Nice. Ooh… Another one. I tasted this one. This is better than the last one.

Ooh… That one looks different. That’s a lobster cracker. I must try that. I grabbed it and tasted it.


The taste is so strong. The flavour of this one lobster cracker tastes like ten prawn crackers put together. I can even smell the “taste”. The texture of the cracker was crunchy but slightly on the hard side.

In theory, the strong flavour should make it taste nice. However, I didn’t really like it because the taste was overpowering. The taste lingered in my mouth and mind for some time. I had to drink lots of water to get it off. It’s not all bad. I suspect this would taste much better if paired with alcohol, like a nice Japanese sake.

I received this as a gift from a relative bought it from Japan.

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