Bee Bee Fish Crackers

Fish crackers used to taste nice. They used to be made with a lot of fish. Especially using the super-filled-with-bones wolf herring fish / ikan parang / 西刀鱼. I know, wolf herring is used mostly for fish balls, but it’s also nice when used to make fish crackers.

These days, it’s a bit no hit and full of miss. These good fish crackers don’t really exist any more. So this review is based on my new lowered expectations of what modern fish crackers taste like.

Our sample today is the Bee Bee Fish Cracker. The packaging looks old-style. Does the crackers taste old-style?

Well, it has a hint of fish taste to it. When compared with modern fish crackers, this is quite good. At least it’s not artificial and not just taste of flour. Conjures out a hint of the old days. But it’s just a hint rather and it’s still a far cry from the good old fish crackers.

Made in Singapore. Bought in Singapore.

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