Big Drop Brewing Co. Milk Stout

Many years ago, non-alcoholic beer does not taste like beer. In fact, they taste really weird. Nowadays, modern non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer is very close to the real thing. Even big brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Non-alcoholic beer has a big market in Arab countries or to those under 21, where consumption of alcohol is banned or restricted.

And it’s not just beer. Even stout comes in low-alcohol versions. This example is a craft stout from Big Drop Brewing Co.

As soon as my nose comes close to the stout, the smell of coffee hits my nose. It’s really surprising because I have never associated stout with coffee, except that both are black without milk. The smell of coffee is really strong and nice. It’s almost like walking into Starbucks, but even better. The taste of the stout is a creamy and slightly bitter. It’s quite close to the taste of stout.

Overall, a good and surprising experience.

Product of UK. Bought from FairPrice, Singapore.

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