Biscuit with Chilli Sauce

You have heard of biscuit with cream, biscuit with chocolate, biscuit with coconut and biscuit with so many things. Now behold the biscuit with… chilli sauce!

You might ask why? But why not? Chilli sauce can elevate so many food, especially lousy food. So why not elevate the humble biscuit? Here’s how you can make it.

– Any plain biscuit.
– Chilli sauce. In this recipe, we used Sriracha Chilli Sauce.

– Place your biscuit on a plate.
– Squeeze some chilli sauce on it.
– Eat.
– If it’s too spicy, drink water.

And the results is quite predictable. It is nice, just as expected. The spiciness of the chilli sauce is toned down by the biscuit. The biscuit also adds a good crunch texture to the ‘dish’.

Yes, a bit of an anti-climax.

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