Bogle Vineyards Pinot Noir

I am not a wine expert.

It’s my first wine review. I’m not a wine expert. I can’t tell if the wine taste like cherry, blueberry or durians. I can’t tell you whether the viscosity or colour looks good. All I can tell you is whether I like it or not.

When choosing my wine, I am indecisive do spend some time on it. I am random adventurous yet conservative. I pick randomly both cheap and expensive wine. Geographically, I don’t have a clue like to try wines from both the old and new world. So subscribe now for some of the most random exciting wine reviews the world have ever seen!

Okay, back to the wine in question, the Bogle Vineyards Pinot Noir.

I took a sip and gargled it in my mouth.

Well… It was nice.

The end.

What?? I just said I was not a wine expert. So I won’t be able to tell you that it has a nice colour. With aromas of cinnamon, mint and raspberry. I can’t tell you that it is well balanced and smooth. With a hint of oak and slight tannin. I won’t know that it goes well with meat or cheese. And I haven’t got a clue that it’s a great wine for the price!

I bought this with my own money but I cannot remember where. This bottle has been sitting in my cupboard for some time.

Credit to Wine Enthusiast and Vivino for helping me out with the wine description. Told you I wasn’t a wine expert.

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