Bone Catching / Sesame Palmiers

What a coincidence! No sooner have I eaten a nice palmier, I was given another sample from a friend. This time it’s the Sesame Palmiers from Hong Kong. So it’s Asia vs. Europe. Let the competition begin!

I took one out, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I found myself in the same story as the other palmier…

Oh, good news. My human has bought another packet of palmiers. Yay! Throw and catch. And the chance to eat those palmiers too.

But wait… This new packet is different from the previous one. Hmm… The words and design in the packet looks very different too. Well, hope it’s just as nice.

Oh, here it goes. She threw one into the air. I rushed towards it, jumped up and caught it. I started biting through it.

This one is very different from the previous one. The texture is more like a very crunchy bread, instead of a biscuit. I can feel the different layers of the pastry, which is one feature that makes palmiers so satisfying. The taste of this is also very different. This has hard black sesame sprinkled all over. It provides the crunch against the softer bread like texture. The black sesame also gives it a unique taste, making it taste more Chinese.

Overall, I think this is good. Whether this is better than the M&S one, it’s a matter of personal liking. No clear winner.

Well, forget about a winner, a human is about to throw another one. At least this time, she’s not eating everything herself. Yay, it’s all for me! Wait, she’s taking a whole bunch of them out. This is even better. I’m sure I can handle all of those in one mouthful.

She threw them all in the air. I ran towards one. Jumped up…

… and the palmier was caught by another dog! I was completely taken by surprised that I fell face first on the ground. I looked up and saw about ten other dogs picking those palmiers up. It was all gone in a few seconds.

My human came over and patted me on my head. “Don’t worry, you probably won’t like the sesame anyway. I’ll get you something nicer like a bone.”, she said.

What, again!!??

I received this as a gift from a friend who bought it from Hong Kong.

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