Dried Yellow Peach

The peach tree is actually native to China. It was brought over to Europe via Persia, or modern day Iran. Interestingly, peach and nectarines are from the same species. And in 2018, China produces 62% of the world total peaches and nectarines. That’s all for your botanical lesson today. Back to the food tasting lesson. […]

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Wen Chang Chicken

The famous Singapore Hainanese chicken rice is said to be inspired by the Wen Chang chicken from Hainan, China. Wen Chang chicken is actually not a dish, but a breed of chicken that is famous in Hainan. The cooking style of the Singapore chicken rice is said to be based on the Hainan way of

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Huatang Yam Chips

Another vegetable based chip. This time, it’s yam. A note here. These chips are made of Chinese yam, also known as Chinese potato or Nagaimo (Japanese name). It’s not the purple yam that is more common in tropical countries. Ok, science lesson done. Let’s taste. It’s cut into small flat squares that are slightly curved

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Baby Milk

Sometimes I wish that I’m a baby again! Just eat, sleep and poo. And repeat. Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the opportunity present itself on the supermarket shelves in Hainan. Strawberry milk in a baby bottle! I bought one back and quickly asked my wife to feed me! Ah.. the joys

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Haidilao Fried Rice

If you have not heard of Haidilao, you should check it out. In Hainan, they give out these fried rice as post meal bites. Calling it fried rice is a bit misleading. These are not the fried rice that most people know. These are more like rice chips or Rice Krispies. Yes, those breakfast cereal,

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