Crazy Combo

Cornflakes with Curry

Cornflakes goes well only with milk. Curry goes well with anything. Logically speaking, one of the statements above is wrong. Because if curry goes well with anything, then it should go well with cornflakes. Which means cornflakes don’t only go well with milk. So let’s put it to the test – cornflakes with curry! Some …

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Bak Kwa Dinosaur

Bak Kwa is a Chinese sweet-salty grilled slices of meat. It is normally eaten by itself and has a nice burnt flavour. However, here in Crazy Food Club, nice is not good enough. It needs to be amazing. We asked ourselves what can further elevate the flavours of bak kwa. One suggestion was honey, but …

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Chips with Honey

What happens when you buy a big pack of chips and found it too spicy? Add something to neutralise the spiciness. Yoghurt? Good idea, but honey can also do the job. So here’s the recipe. Ingredients:– Some really spicy chips. We re-used the Smashed Peppercorn Chips we bought earlier.– Any decent honey. Instructions:– Hold the …

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