M&S Blackcurrant Sundae

When we talk about blackcurrant, the one thing that comes to mind is Ribena. There’s a little known blackcurrant drink called Vimto, which students from the the University of Manchester would know of. Then there are these occasional blackcurrant products, like this M&S Blackcurrant Sundae. The word “sundae” is really confusing because there is no …

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Yogurt Drink

If you have watched CCTV14 in China, which is the kids channel, you’ll very quickly notice that all the advertisements are made up of the same few adverts. And it’s not only for a month or two, it’s been the same for almost six months! To the extent that my kids can already memorize the …

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Chateraise Matcha Ice Cream

Making friends with aliens. At the height of matcha-mania, people are coming up with matcha (green tea) flavoured everything. Biscuits, vodka, lipsticks and even condoms. On a recent visit to a relative’s house, I was given a matcha ice cream. Thankfully it’s not one of the weird matcha flavoured items above! I opened the packet …

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