Jagabee Potato Chips

Don’t you just hate soggy chips / french fries? Some love it but I hate it. Our friends at Jagabee might have found the solution. They have created this potato chips that is shaped like chips, sprinkle with seaweed. Take a bite and even the inside feels like real chips. The outside is crispy and

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Keisuke Yuzu Cola

Do you fancy a Cola with Garlic or Bacon? Unfortunately, they are all fake. But this Cola with Yuzu is real. Before tasting it, I made a guess that the taste of Yuzu will probably be the most prominent. This is because of the fragrant, sharp and acidic taste of Yuzu. But I was quite

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Bankaku Yukari Crackers

Super concentrated crackers. If you are bored of prawn crackers and want to move up to the next level of luxury, what should you eat? Lobster crackers, of course! Which is exactly what I will do. I opened one of the individually wrapped crackers, closed my eyes and took a bite. I was swimming in

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