Taiwanese Almond Nougat

Love nougat but cannot pass your health conscience? The easy solution is to add something healthy to it. Like… almond! Yes, apparently almond has many health benefits. These Taiwanese Almond Nougat does the trick. The texture is rather chewy, consistent with typical nougat. The taste of the nougat and almond, however, was really good. It …

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Ginkgo Semen Almond Drink

Want some ginkgo… ahem… semen drink? If you think the iron eggs from Taiwan is weird, then have a look at this. The Sweet Garden Ginkgo Semen Almond Grain Powder Drink. Yes, you read it right, you’ll be enjoying a cup of (ginkgo) semen drink. So what is ginkgo semen? To find out, we will …

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Taiwan Iron Eggs

Jack and His Iron Eggs. A relative is visiting from Taiwan. I’m always happy when there are visitors around because they always bring goodies that are exotic. This is one of them. Hard boiled quail’s eggs. Why are they black? These eggs are repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and air-dried. The result is …

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