Cat’s Tongue Punishment / Lengua De Gato

When directly translated from Spanish, these are cat’s tongues. Visually, these looks like thin butter biscuits. Let’s see if these cat’s tongues taste good on my tongue.

I took a tongue, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was a elite spy. Due to some badly time decisions, I was captured by the enemy. I was dragged into a room to be presented to the enemy’s boss. She started speaking in a high-pitched, sharp and evil voice, “Well, well… Look who we have here.”

“Let’s cut to the point. All prisoners here will be punished by force feeding of… cat’s tongue!”, she continued.

“Cat’s tongue? Yuck, that is disgusting!”, I thought.

Her assistant walked towards me with a jar. The assistant opened the jar and placed it in front of me. He said with an evil smile, “Now, suffer the might of our cat’s tongue! Do you want to eat it yourself or you want us force feed you?”.

I looked at the contents of the jar. Huh? They looked like butter biscuits that is thin and long, with rounded edges. The jar reads Conti’s Lengua De Gato. Looks a bit like a cat’s tongue, but no where as disgusting. Are these guys crazy or what? Or maybe the taste is really as disgusting as it sounds.

I took one out. Well, here goes nothing. Took a bite. Hmm… It actually tastes just like butter biscuits with a lot of sugar. The texture is a bit crunchy but a bit sticky at some places due to the slightly melted sugar. The texture is nice but it’s way too sweet. But hey, for some called a cat’s tongue, can’t really complain.

The enemy’s boss then said, “So? Do you dare to come here again after suffering the fate of our cat’s tongue?”.

I took the whole jar and replied, “Let me go and I’ll bring this whole jar back. I’ll make sure everyone tries it so they’ll know what to expect when they get caught”.

She obliged. In fact, she gave me a few hundred jars of the cat’s tongue to bring back. She even gave me a helicopter to help me carry all those jars back to my base quickly.

I’m sure the guys at base will love this souvenir.

This was a gift from a friend who bought it from Philippines.

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