Cha Cha Roasted Sunflower Seeds with Australian Sea Salt

Once upon a time, I thought that these biscuits sticks were a good food for dieting. How wrong was I. These sunflower seeds will win hands down.


Well, to eat it, first you need to crack the seeds open. After all those difficult acrobatics from your lips and tongue, all you will get is a tiny and flat piece of nut, with hardly any calories in it. Yes, you need to crack open each one of them. You cannot cheat by putting them all in your mouth and start chewing. Well, in theory, you can, but that would cause you to lose even more weight when those hard shells give you a stomach upset or worse, constipation.

These Cha Cha roasted sunflower seeds with Australian sea salt are great. While you attempt to break the seed with your mouth and teeth, the nice sea salt keeps your tongue occupied. And once you reach the treasure inside, the nice flavorful nut inside will continue to keep your mouth, tongue and teeth busy. Fantastic!

Made in China. Bought from Singapore.