Chateraise Matcha Ice Cream

Making friends with aliens.

At the height of matcha-mania, people are coming up with matcha (green tea) flavoured everything. Biscuits, vodka, lipsticks and even condoms.

On a recent visit to a relative’s house, I was given a matcha ice cream. Thankfully it’s not one of the weird matcha flavoured items above!

I opened the packet and found the ice cream coated in some greenish brown chocolate-like layer. On it, there are some darker greenish brown chocolate chips-like bits. Not very appetising, I must say.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was on an alien planet. There was nothing for as far as my eyes can see. Except craters on the ground, with sizes ranging from small ones the size of hoola hoops to big ones the size of a football field.

Out of nowhere, like in a Bollywood movie, greenish little aliens appeared. Instead of looking like the aliens in storybooks or movies, these aliens looked like… well… they looked like ice cream sticks.

I was hungry, thirsty and sweating all over. When one is hungry, making peace in an alien land is second priority. I grabbed one of these ice cream aliens and took a bite.

Wow! Who would have thought a greenish brown ugly thing could be so nice. The outer coating was matcha chocolate with matcha chocolate bits. The inside was bright green matcha ice cream. The matcha here is proper good quality bitter matcha, that taste more like natural grass than artificial flavouring.

I took a few more bites and finished up the whole alien. I had a second and a third. I think I can live happily on this new planet. Can’t say the same for the aliens.

I ate this at a relative’s home. It was bought from Chateraise, Singapore.

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  1. prashant patil

    Cant wait to try these green aliens! Reminds me of Uji macha chocolate from kyoto region in Japan! As you explained , authentic bitter grass smell matcha, the uji macha! May be they used same uji macha in it!

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