Chu Yin Yoghurt Drink 我还是个宝宝

I reviewed drinks from this brand a while back here. While the drink itself was nothing to shout about, the experience of drinking milk from a baby bottle was quiet unique. I was very excited when I found this in Singapore. What more, it came in a girl and boy bottles!

So, from an experience perspective, it’s still fun. But not as fun as the first time. Yes, it’s always more fun and enjoyable the first time. But the second time, although not as enjoyable, is not that far behind.

From a taste perspective, it’s not quite the same. The first time was just normal. The second time, it’s surpassed that by quite a margin. Yes, this time, the drink is really bad. I couldn’t even go past my first sip. The yoghurt drink just tasted weird. This previous one didn’t taste good, but this was downright bad.

What a disappointment. Even if it tasted normal, the fun of drinking out of a baby bottle would have been worth it. But this time, I couldn’t even enjoy the experience. Well, at least I can wash and keep the bottle.

Made in China. Bought in Singapore.