Crazy Combo – Lotus Biscuit with Strawberry Jam

I love Lotus biscuits. They have this unique taste and is amazing when dipped in any type of hot drinks, including tea, coffee and hot chocolate. While pretending to be a celebrity chef, I asked myself how I can further elevate it. I happened to have a jar of strawberry jam on the table and the rest is history.

Take a Lotus biscuit. Spread some strawberry jam over it. Eat.

This is obviously going to be so good. The amazing taste of Lotus biscuit. Add some amazingly sweet strawberry jam to it. The taste will pack a punch. I took a bite.

Hmm… it taste quite ordinary. I taste strawberry jam. I taste Lotus biscuit. I taste both of them. But didn’t taste anything crazy in this combo. It was just like having both of them separately. Quite normal.

Nothing to look here. Move on to the next article.