Crazy Food Club feats Hokusai

Artificial Intelligence meets food.

Ever wondered how our simple images at Crazy Food Club would look like if it was drawn by famous artists? To answer that question, we would need a lot of money to hire the artist, even more money to convince the artist to draw for us and a crazy amount of money to build a time machine to go back to the time when the artist was still alive.

Or we can use computers to help us.

Before we continue, take a deep breathe. We may be the first ever food blog to use artificial intelligence to create our pictures. And it’s an honour to have you be part of this historic event!

Ok, let’s get going.

We will be asking our computer, “I have this picture of my food and another picture of a famous painting. How will the picture of my food look like, if it was painted according to the style of the famous painting?“.

The algorithm is based on Leon Gatys paper and code by Raymond Yuan.

For this experiment, we will be using picture from our Hokkaido Fresh Milk review here. For the famous painting, we will use one of Japan’s most famous piece of art, The Great Waves off Kanagawa woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai.

We feed the two pictures into our computer and get the masterpiece below.

To see the process, below is a video of the transformation.

Amazing? I think so too.

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