Dinosaur’s Favourite Food / Peckish Veggie Rice Crackers

There once was a wave of vegetable crisps or chips that hit the market. Everyone started making chips out of every vegetable possible. I guess these guys are moving on to the next evolution step, the vegetable biscuits. Here we have Peckish Vegetable biscuits. Actually, they are rice crackers, but hey, they look a bit like biscuits.

I took a circle, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I have a pet brontosaurus. Yes, the dinosaur with the long neck. It’s a herbivore, so only eats plants. Today is her birthday. I need to prepare some special treat for her. Her favourite food are these tiny (tiny for her) round veggie rice crackers. She loves it and can eat about 100 packets in one go.

I never figured out why she loves it so much. I thought maybe today, I’ll give it a try to taste it for myself. I took one and took a bite.

Hmm… It’s salty. Quite salty, actually. It is thin and crispy. After a few more bites, I can taste some vegetables in it. I can’t pin down what vegetable exactly, but it reminds me of one of those veggie chips. Overall, is okay. The saltiness let it down.

Oh… Here she comes. I need an army of people to help open up all these 100 packets to feed her. Once it’s open, we will throw it randomly in the air. She enjoys catching them with her mouth. It’s quite easy with her long neck.

Happy Birthday, Bronnie!!

I received this as a gift from someone.

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