Donki Pure Apple Juice

The rivers are flowing with juice.

Fruits are seasonal. When an apple tree bears fruits, it bears so many fruits that it’s impossible to consume before it rots. When there’s none, there’s none.

What do you do?

Well, you can give some to friends and relatives. But chances are that they will also have a few trees in their backyard and they are facing the same dilemma. You can make jam. Wait… Apple jam? No. Or you can make apple juice. Which is a great idea before you can “drink” more apples than eat apples.

Here is one example of apple juice. The Donki Apply Juice.

I poured a cup, closed my eyes and drunk a mouthful.

I was in Candyland. The landscape was made of all things sweet and nice. The trees leaves were edible matcha candy. The tree trunk were made of chocolate. The flowers were made of candy and sweets of all different colour and shapes.

The lakes were filled with orange juice. The ponds were filled with lemon juice. And the rivers were flowing with pure apple juice.

I put my hands into the flowing river and scooped up some of the apple juice. I had a few sips.

Oh my god! This taste so good. It has the fragrance of natural apples. It is sweet but it is the sweetness of natural apples, not added sugar.

I want more!

I dived into the river and swam in the apple juice. This feels great! My taste buds are enjoying this swim.

I could swim here the whole day.

I bought this using my own money from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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