FairPrice Potato Chips

Potatoes eating potatoes.

You know the long deep fried potatoes that you find in McDonald’s? In the UK, they call it chips. In USA, they call it French fries. What about the crispy sliced rounded potatoes that is sold in packets? In UK, they call it crisps. In USA, they call it chips. Very confusing. Well, in Asia Pacific, they have found a solution. They call everything chips! If you mention chips, you can never get it wrong.

Let’s look at one specimen of the Asian chips. The FairPrice Potato Chips Original flavour.

I opened the packet, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I opened my eyes. My vision was blurry. I was on a beach on a tropical island. Oh, I remember. I was shipwrecked. I must have passed out and the waves swept me here.

Shh… I can hear some footsteps. I saw from the distance some little potato people walking towards me. They looked a bit like Mr. Potato Head.

One of them took my hands and signaled to follow them. I obliged. What can a little potato do to me.

They took me into the jungle. We walked for hours and soon it was night time. Finally, we reached a clearing in the jungle. There were hundreds of little potato people there. In the centre, there was a bonfire with young little potatoes singing and dancing around it. Around the bonfire at a small distance away, there were older potatoes seated. All of them were eating something out of a coconut bowl.

I was invited to sit down amongst the older potatoes. A young potato approached me and served me some FairPrice Potato Chips on a coconut bowl. I tried one slice.

It was nice. The chips were cut thinner than other brands, which makes them easier to bite and less painful to the inside of my mouth. The salt level was just right to my liking. The taste of the potatoes was of a decent quality, but could have been better.

Wait a minute!

I’m eating potato chips!


The little potato people are also eating potato chips! Potatoes eating potatoes?? This makes them cannibals!!


I received this as part of a goodie bag given out at a major event in Singapore.

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