“Fastantic” Seaweed Rice Crackers

Fantastic is the brand name.

Naming a product after an adjective, especially one that is extreme can only have two consequences. Either it will sell extremely well or extremely bad.

So this Fantastic Seaweed Rice Crackers (brand name, not my review) will be either fantastically good or fantastically bad.

Fantastic! Let’s get started.

I took a bite.


The texture is fantastically normal like other rice crackers. The smell and taste is fantastically normal like other seaweed rice crackers. It’s fantastically normal that you cannot really taste the seaweed. The shape is fantastically similar to other thin biscuits. Even the packaging is fantastically normal like other biscuits packaging.

There you have it. The Fantastic Seaweed Rice Crackers is fantastically normal.

I bought this with my own money from somewhere in Singapore, ie. I forgot.

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