Food Friends Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

Ravioli are normally square. But is a rounded ravioli also a ravioli? Apparently, yes. It can be of any shape, including semi-circular. But then there’s a difference between a ravioli and the similar looking agnolotti. So what’s the difference? Not in the shape, but how it is made. The ravioli is made from two pieces of paste but into a square. But the agnolotti is made from a single piece of pasta that is folded over.

Now that’s a useful fact that you cannot un-learn.

The spinach and ricotta is one of the most common filling in a ravioli. And the ones here are from Food Friends and made in Italy. Thee pasta is chewy and of the right thickness. The filling of spinach and ricotta is nice. My common complain about ravioli is that the filling always seems to be insufficient. They should pack more filling in to have a better taste of it. Probably not as much as a wanton, but somewhere in between.

Made in Italy. Bought in Singapore.