Glico Pretz Sour Cream & Onion Biscuit Stick

Biscuit sticks is an ingenious snack for dieting. They are long and skinny. When you eat them, it makes you feel like you are eating a big piece of biscuit (because of the length), but you’re actually eating a lot less (because it is skinny). As long as you don’t eat those that are coated in chocolate. In some more extreme cases, you can enjoy a whole pizza by eating just a biscuit stick.

This example is a more diet-friendly flavour, sour cream and onion. The biscuit is crunchy. The taste is mostly salty, like a salted pretzel. I can’t really taste much of the sour cream and onion taste.

Glico is a company from Japan. Made in Thailand. Bought from FairPrice, Singapore.

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