Green Tea Mooncake

Why am I still writing about mooncakes so long after the mooncake festival? Well, I have bought and received so many mooncakes that I’m still struggling to finish my stock of mooncakes. So here is another one, the Green Tea Mooncake.

I closed my eyes and had a bite.

I was in… in… Hmm… Where am I? I am in a small boat in the middle of the sea. There’s nothing but water in all directions. I have no idea where I am.

Oh, I remembered. When I closed my eyes, I was told that in this world, I would need to taste the mooncakes to know where I am. So if the mooncake tasted like nasi lemak, I am probably in Malaysia. If they taste of spaghetti carbonara, then I’m probably in Italy.

Okay, there’s one mooncake floating close to the boat. I quickly grabbed it out and had a bite.

Hmm… It has a lotus paste center with some pieces of nuts, similar to normal mooncakes. However, the taste is a combination of lotus paste and Japanese green tea or matcha. The combination sounds normal in theory, but the resulting taste is a bit odd. It’s hard to explain, but the combination is not very harmonious.

Oh, I almost forgot. I ate this mooncake to find out where I am, not just to give a review of it! Hmm… lotus paste mooncake is from China. Matcha from Japan. So somewhere in the middle should place me around…

Jeju Island in South Korea!

I received this as a gift from a relative who bought it from Malaysia.

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