Gui Hua Gao / Osmanthus Cake

These are as valuable as gold nuggets!

Another item from my treasure haul in China. These are little cakes with osmanthus flower. When I was in China, osmanthus flowers was added into food and drinks to add that nice fragrant smell to it. I hope this is as nice.

I closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was in ancient China. I was a kungfu performer. I would display my kungfu skills at the town square and people would pay to watch me.

How do people pay me? Coins were not invented yet. So people would pay using little cakes that are shaped like a gold nugget. Today was a bad day. It was raining and only a small crowd came out to view my performance.

As a result, I only received one cake. Crap!

But this cake looks different. This one had osmanthus flowers on it! I took it and tasted it.

The texture of the cake was more like a paste. Imagine a powder that is compressed together. When I bit into it, the cake starts to crumble and fall into smaller powdery pieces. It would then slowly melt in the mouth. The taste was fairly bland. It tasted like it is made from some kind of bean, most likely soy beans.

But where’s the fragrance of the osmanthus flowers? I waited and waited. There was no fragrance coming out. All I can taste is this bean paste. Well, I’ve almost finished the whole cake. No nice osmanthus fragrance but at least the bean paste is very filling. Enough for this poor kungfu practitioner to fight another day.

Well, it is truly a bad rainy day. Double crap!

I bought this from Hangzhou, China.

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