Haidilao Fried Rice

If you have not heard of Haidilao, you should check it out. In Hainan, they give out these fried rice as post meal bites.

Calling it fried rice is a bit misleading. These are not the fried rice that most people know. These are more like rice chips or Rice Krispies. Yes, those breakfast cereal, but savory. These are crispy, but it’s less fluffy than Rice Krispies, which means it is slightly hard on the bite. The small size makes it easy to get stuck in the middle of my larger teeth at the back of my mouth. The taste is like savory chips. Salty with some spice mixture.

Eating it is a bit annoying. As it’s small little grain of rice, picking each grain individually takes to long. After picking a few grains, I resorted to pour a handful of grains on my hands and popped it into my mouth. This required done careful aiming to prevent one or two grains more missing the mouth and hitting my nose, chin or cheeks and falling on my shirt or trousers.

Overall, it’s okay as a quick bite. Oh, did I mention it looks a bit like short fat worms too?

I received this from Haidilao, Hainan, China.

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