Hang Heung Cake Shop, Singapore

I first tried Hang Heung wife cake when I received it from a friend visiting from Hong Kong. It was good. It is now open in Singapore. However, it was not until a friend brought a box to me that I realised it was open in Singapore!

Since I have reviewed the famous wife cake, I won’t do it again. These are imported from Hong Kong so it should be exactly the same. Which it is.

Instead, I’ll review the Mini Egg Yolk Cake. These are mini versions of the ones I used to like when I was young. These ones are really nice. The lotus paste is smooth and taste good, without being too sweet. The egg yolk is not dry and not overly salty. The skin is layered and flaky. It’s exactly like how a good specimen should be.

Made in Hong Kong. Bought from Singapore.

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