Hang Heung Wife Cake

She was soft but firm.

Hong Kong is in a bit of a situation at the moment. However, a friend still managed to get some of Hong Kong’s prized confectionery back for me. The famous Hang Heung Wife Cake.

How do I know it’s famous? To be honest, I don’t. But this is the second friend who has brought me exactly the same thing from Hong Kong. So I guess it should be good. We shall find out.

I closed my eyes and took a bite.

I am a cake. I had a wife. That makes my wife a wife cake. Her name is Hang Heung. This makes her a Hang Heung Wife Cake.

In the confectionery world, to know your wife, you need to taste your wife. To do that, I carried her up on my hands. Her outer layers were extremely flaky. A lot of it dropped off as I carried her up. In fact, almost all of her outer crust fell off and she was almost (ahem) “naked” before I could bite into her.

I took a bite. Her inside was made of glutinous rice made into a paste, which was soft but firm and slightly gooey. It was just the right amount of sweetness. The glutinous rice is fragrant and tastes nice.

Overall, she tasted very nice. Would have been better if the crunchy outer layer didn’t fall off that easily. Yes, really.

“Now it’s my turn to taste you”, said my wife.

Oh no! I’m ticklish! Argh… Ha… Ha… Ha……

This was a gift from a friend who bought it from Hong Kong.

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