Hangzhou Longjing / Dragonwell Green Tea 西湖龙井

When visiting Hangzhou, China, there are a few must do. You must visit the beautiful and historical West Lake. You must also try the Longjing (龙井) or Dragonwell tea. These are grown in Hangzhou. The taste of Longjing (龙井) tea is very unique. It’s hard to explain how it taste, but you know it when you taste it.

These Longjing was something I bought by the West Lake in Hangzhou. I had a few samples at the store before buying. Drinking Longjing by the West Lake is probably the ultimate tourist thing to do in Hangzhou! There are many grades, and the prices reflect it. The one I bought was in the medium range. Even then, it was really good.

Made and bought from Hangzhou, China.

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