Hardy’s Tintara Mclaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

This wine is one of the most special wine that I have bought. It is steeped in history. Why?

Hardy is a big wine producer of Australian wine. Frankly, I don’t really enjoy wine from Hardy’s and hence, I seldom buy it. However, this is no ordinary wine from Hardy’s. This is the Tintara.

What is Tintara? I have no idea until now. In fact, the thing that caught my eye is that Tintara looks a bit like TinTin. I am a fan of TinTin so a TinTin wine would certainly catch my attention. But alas no. This is Tintara.

Then I found out that Tintara was the place where Hardy’s first started. All the way back in 1876, Thomas Hardy started making wine at Tintara, McLaren Vale, Australia. So for a company to make a wine that bears a name of such importance, it must be a good one.

And it does deliver. This Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best I have had. It has a strong body without being acidic. It is complex and strong, but still very easy to drink. Best of all, it is only slightly expensive, not crazily expensive.

Oh, this is the first wine that specifically states, “Enjoy now or store carefully for up to 10 years”. Only good wine can and should be stored. This is one of it. Unfortunately, I read it only after finishing the bottle.

Made in Australia. Bought from Singapore.