Having fun with Marzipan / Favorina Marzipan

Have you ever tasted Marzipan before? The name sounds comical to me. It somehow reminds me of Spongebob Squarepants. Perhaps because both have the similar sound at the end. Marzipan technically is a confectionery that is made from crushed almonds. It is sort of like an ang moh‘s version of crushed peanuts snack that we Asian love so much.

I picked the one made by Favorina from the store. As I unwrap the marzipan, the strong aroma of the almond greets my nostrils. There’s definitely some concentrated almond oil added in the marzipan. I bit trough the chocolate coated rod. I can feel the coarse texture of the ground almond with my teeth. The almonds still have a texture to it and not wholly pulverized to powder. My tongue senses the rich and nutty taste of the almonds. The taste is slightly bitter, however it is the taste you get used to. Just like how you find coffee at the beginning, then slowly becoming addicted to it.

As I chew the marzipan to my heart content, my outfit changed to an astronaut outfit. I looked at my self in the mirror. I am Sandy from SpongeBob. Chilling in my backyard while eating my favorite marzipan while waiting for Spongebob and Patrick to come to play.

Choosing to live under the sea. I might be far away from home but I will always have my marzipan to accompany me.

I bought the Marzipan from Lidl. It is one of the seasonal items you can only find in winter.

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