Henri Willig Cow Cheese Extra Old

She was hard and crumbly.

Cheese taste better with age. I’m not taking about the age of the cheese, but the age of the person eating it.

As a child, I only know of mild cheddar. If it’s not mild cheddar, then it is known as smelly cheese which I never touch. However, with age, these smelly cheese have become flavorful cheese. To an extent that I tell myself that mild cheddar is only for kids.

I received this Henri Willig Cow Cheese Extra Old cheese from a relative who visited Belgium.

I opened it, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I’m a cheese and I’m dating the female Cow Cheese Extra Old cheese. She’s not extra old, that’s just her name. We’ve been steady for a year and it’s time to move to the next stage of our cheesy relationship. In cheesy relationships, the next stage is to take a bite out of each other.

I went first. I took a bite out of her. She was hard and crumbly. Her texture was similar to most hard cheeses, like cheddar. I chewed more to taste her better.


She taste a bit rotten! There’s a slight mouldy taste and she doesn’t taste right. I’ve been with her for so long and smelled her multiple times, but never expected her to taste this way. Not in a million years!

Maybe some wine will help. I had a few sips of my Sauvignon Blanc white wine.

I had another bite of her. Whoa! She tasted completely different after the wine! Initially, there was a solid taste of savoury cow cheese. As I chewed, it evolved into a smoky taste. Then the smoky taste continued to evolve into the taste of cheese aged to perfection. It was a taste that I could remember for a long long time.

She’s complex. Very complex!

I received this as a gift from a relative, who bought it from Belgium.

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