Hokkaido Fresh Milk

Milk with a splash.

The last milk I tasted, I was literally bathing in it! I shall continue the trend. This milk is from Hokkaido, Japan. For that, I’ll need to go to a public bath or onsen.

I opened the milk, closed my eyes and had a sip.

Ah… Peace and quiet. I am relaxing in a public bath in Hokkaido, Japan. It’s like a normal public bath, but instead of spring water, they use Hokkaido Fresh Milk here. It was pure luxury, bathing in hot Hokkaido milk.

The milk tasted good. It has a hint of the milk fragrance. It was creamy. It’s better than many other supermarket brands. However, this is not as good, but is cheaper than the previous one I tried.

In Japanese public bath, everyone goes in naked. To prevent you from vomiting, I shall not disclose how I tasted the milk.

Okay, now I will leave you to enjoy my peace and quiet and… milk.

Wait a minute…

What’s that sound? What’s all these ripples in the bath milk?

I looked towards the entrance.

Oh no!

There’s a whole army of sumo wrestlers running towards the bath. As they reached the bath, they jumped and…


I bought this using my own money from Fairprice, Singapore.

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