Hot chocolate stick

Hot Chocolate with Mr Santa / Deluxe Hot Chocolate

Winter is coming and Christmas is around the corner, hence the day is shorter and the night grows longer. Cold weather always make me crave for something to warmth my body. As I browsed through seasonal items in Lidle, these hot chocolate sticks caught my eyes. I first saw it in Brussels where it was a hit among the tourists there. So, when I saw the chocolate stick, all the feel good feeling enjoying a hot cup of chocolate drinks came to my mind. I quickly picked a packet to try and hope the taste will be up to par with what i have enjoyed previously.

The brand of the chocolate stick is called Deluxe. Each packet has two chocolate sticks in them.

Later that night, I warmed up a glass of milk in the microwave. As soon as the warm milk was ready, I took the stick out of the packet.

I quickly dunked the stick in the warm milk. Stirred it slowly and gracefully while breathing in the sweet smell that emitted from the cocoa.

Once the chocolate was blended perfectly with the warm milk. I took a sip. Lo and behold, the hot chocolate tasted so heavenly. The sweetness of the chocolate melted into the warm milk. The smoothness of its intricate texture in my mouth made me squealed in joy. I am in the North Pole. And from afar, I could see Santa riding his sleight towards me.

Chilling with Santa

With Rudolph and its gigantic nose leading the way, Santa stopped and said “Ho ho ho, young lady. What are you doing here up in the north alone? Hop on so I can send you back to your home. In exchange, can you share your hot chocolate with me? The smell is so tempting” I quickly hop on the sleight and handed him the hot chocolate.

The view from above was magnificent. I saw lights everywhere. What a pretty sight to see. Once the hot chIocolate drink was finished, I reached home. Santa dropped me at the balcony. He said “Thanks for sharing the hot chocolate with me. You have always been a good girl and you deserve to enjoy the hot chocolate and the warm fuzzy feeling it brings you”. Then off he went. I waved goodbye and went inside the house feeling great about myself.

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