Ikea Elderflower Drink

An explosion created this.

The little food market at Ikea has grown up quite a bit. You can get a lot of Swedish delicacies at reasonable prices. It even has it’s own brand of food and drinks. One of those is this Ikea Organic Elderflower Drink.

I pushed the straw in, closed my eyes and sipped.

I was at my friend, Peppa’s lab. She is a world famous food scientist. She just invented a food fusion machine that can fusion or mix two types of food in an instant.

“Come, let me show you how it works”, said Peppa as she waved me over.

“Let’s try to recreate your elderflower drink. What is it made of?”

“Err… I guess it’s elderflower and water”, I replied.

“Ok. Let’s put some elderflower here and some water of the other side. Now, step back”, she instructed.

As Peppa pressed the big red button, a loud hissing sound can be heard. Then suddenly, the two ingredients went flying at each other at great speed. Bang! A bright light shone from the explosion as they collided. A few of the windows in the lab shattered.

Peppa collected whatever liquid that remained from the explosion into a cup.

“Here, try it.”

I tried. “Hmm… This doesn’t taste like the normal elderflower drink. Something is missing.”

“Lets do another one. This time, we’ll follow exactly what it says on the ingredients.” She looked at the back of the box.

“Aha! You missed a key ingredient. Elderflower with plain water will not taste as nice. Most elderflower drink need a base juice. In this case, it’s lemon.”

After she set up her contraption again, this time with the correct ingredients, she pressed the red button. The same explosion happened and a few more windows shattered. At this rate, she may as well remove all the windows in her lab.

I tried the drink. “Yes, this is much better.” There was a taste of lemon juice with a hint of elderflower. The lemon juice was not sharp and is sweetened, making it easy to drink. The hint of elderflower added the fragrance the drink needed.

“Very nice, Peppa. I think you can sell this”, I said jokingly.

She smiled at me. I have seen that smile on her before. It normally means that she’s on to something far greater than a simple elderflower drink.

I bought this using my own money from Ikea, Singapore.

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