Ikea Kafferep Ginger Thins with Almonds

These days, the Ikea food section is just as interesting as their furniture section. You can find some little gems from Sweden at a reasonable price.

This Kafferep are thin crispy biscuits. It’s a bit like a cross between a ginger bread and almost biscuit. It’s mildly like a ginger bread, but a lot thinner and crispier (hence it’s a biscuit). It’s also mildly like a almond biscuit, but slightly spicier.

The texture is crispy and airy. Which means it has a lot of holes in the biscuit. This normally means it’s good to be dipped in coffee or tea. Or for people in Singapore and Malaysia, dipped in Milo! This turned out to be only slightly correct, because it’s not as nice when dipped in tea. It’s much better eaten of it’s own. I think it’s due to the slighly stickiness of the ginger bread part of it.

This also reminds me of the Lotus biscuit. But this is much cheaper. But then again, Lotus biscuit is still nicer with tea.

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