Julian Martin Chorizo Iberico Extra

I love Chorizo. It is nice with pasta, pizza, sandwiches, paella and many more. It has all the niceness of sausages, but with that extra kick of being slightly spicy. Some can be very spicy but most are just right.

It’s quite hard to find chorizo here in Asia. Or you have to pay a lot. So most of the chorizo are in thin slices like this.

This Julian Martin chorizo has the authentic Spanish taste. It’s slightly spicy, tastes slightly smoky and most importantly, has that oily feel to it. That oiliness makes it go well with wine. By itself, it is good with a strong red wine. It is also nice with paella, although I would have preferred the whole sausages instead of thin slices. There is more bite to it.

Made in Spain. Bought from Fairprice, Singapore.

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