K. Minamoto Fukuwatashi Cookie

The Japanese are perfectionist. If you think your custard creams are great, then the Japanese can still improve on it. They can make it bigger, with more cream, rounder and most importantly, with zig-zag creases like an origami art. And oh boy, the packaging and presentation is meticulous. With all these improvements, it should be a thousand times better.

The vanilla cream in the middle is nice, soft and creamy. It’s well made, not too sweet and it’s very good. The biscuit is well baked and crunchy. It’s thick enough to have that nice bite and it’s fragrant. When you add that really good cream with that really good origami-like biscuit together, the result should be a really good bite.

Sadly, no.

The problem is that the biscuit is too thick. And the cream is too soft for the biscuit. So when you bite on it, the biscuit squeezes the cream out before it breaks. It’s actually made worse by the zig-zag origami pattern because it acts like knife to cut through the cream. The result is a messy biscuit, where you’ll be too busy trying to keep it together for the next bite. And this distracts the eater from the nice cream and the nice biscuit.

Made in Japan. Gift from a friend who most likely bought it from Singapore.