Kim Joo Guan Bak Kwa / RouGan

Bak Kwa or RouGan is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat, usually pork, similar to jerky. In Singapore, there are many different shops selling Bak Kwa. To foreigners, the names of these shops (eg. Kim Joo Guan, Lim Chee Guan, Bee Cheng Hiang) are just as difficult to pronounce as the word Bak Kwa itself.

Each of these chops claims that they make the best Bak Kwa. To some hard-code Singaporeans, they swear that their favourite shop makes the best Bak Kwa in the country. But to most foreigners, the it is already impossible to tell them names apart, let alone the taste! Ask any Malaysian and they will tell you that the best Bak Kwa in the world comes are those from…

… Malaysia!

Well, we are not going to start a food war, so let’s focus on these ones from Kim Joo Guan. They are quite juicy, not dry. But they are also quite sweet. There’s a mild barbeque fragrant, which could be better. Overall, it’s good, but fairly standard.

Made in Singapore. Bought in Singapore.