King’s Crown Green Grapes

Karate chopping grapes!

I have to admit, my food cupboard has had some management issues lately. Somebody me has not bought enough junk to review.

However, fruits are also food. So here is the golden opportunity to introduce something healthy. The King’s Crown green seedless grapes.

I plucked one, closed my eyes and popped it into my mouth.

I was a karate black belt in a computer game. To collect points, I had to break the giant green grapes that fly towards me with my special skill, the Karate Chop!

Okay, there’s one coming. Karate Chop! It’s kinda soft and squishy. The juice inside this one is quite sour. Oh, there’s another one. Karate Chop! Okay, this is more crunchy but the juice is still sour.

Ah, another one near the corner. Karate Chop! Wow! This feels super crunchy, the juice was sweet and fragrant. I looked at the label of the grape and it reads King’s Crown.

From that point, I looked out for these King’s Crown grapes and chopped those. Karate Chop! Chop! Chop! It feels so great chopping through the crunchy, sweet and fragrant green grapes.

Oh, look at my score. One more grape and I’ll break my all time high score! I saw one from the side of my eyes. Karate Chop! Eww… It was squishy and the juice that spurted out was super sour. It tasted terrible.

I fell flat on the floor. I pushed myself up and saw through my visor…

You have hit a rotten grape.


I bought this using my own money from Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, Singapore.

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