Kobe Fugetsudo Petit Gaufres Vanilla Salees

Gaufres are waffles. One would assume Petit Gaufres are small waffles. Yes, kind of, but not really. These Kobe Fugetsudo Petit Gaufres from Japan are smaller versions of waffles, but they are more like two thin wafer biscuits with some cream in the middle. They are more like artisan custard cream biscuits. To add to the confusion, petit waffles and mini waffles are complete different things. Well, lets see how these things tastes.

They are very crispy. The waffles are more like wafers. The cream in the middle is slightly sweet and nice. It’s really nice and it’s gone in no time. Luckily it’s big enough to last a few bites.

Made in Japan. Gift from a friend who bought it from Singapore.